Tabe hammers in Oman

Tabe hammers in Oman.

Tabe breakers are currently working in the most demanding jobsite in Oman. Jebel Akhdar, located around 150 km form Muscat, is it the highest mountain in Oman and it has a extremely hard limestone. The project will bring drinking water up to a height of 3200 meter. The pipeline is now 92 km length and will be completed with 68 km more during the last part of the project.

Tabe in HILLHEAD 2018

Tabe was present in the most important construction machinery show in UK through our new dealer  R. Bunton Ltd. located in Yorkshire.

The show took place in Hillhead quarry, Buxton, during 26-28 June with an unprecedented 546 exhibitors and almost 20,000 trade visitors in attendance. Hillhead is the world’s biggest working quarry show. 2018 edition was the biggest and most successful show to date.

Tabe hammers in Namibia

Tabe hammers in Namibia. Tabe MT 40 working on Neckartal Dam project in the south of Namibia. Having completed the excavation of some 800,000m3 the dam will capture the waters from Fish River and use it to irrigate the surrounding land. Several units of Tabe breakers property of Windhoek Renovations have been working in these project started on September 2013.

The Big Five heavy

As an important part of our international presence & growth policy, Tabe will be exhibitor of our Hydraulic Breakers range at The Big 5 Heavy Exhibition in Dubai from 26th to 28th March. You are kindly invited to visit us at the World Trade Center Dubai, in the stand no. Z5C59.

For this exhibition, we chose to show into detail our MT30 Hydraulic Breaker model (with an approximate weight of 3,300 kgs), which is a very robust and durable hammer thanks to the new square housing design. The MT30 model offers an excellent performance because of its high versatility (adaptable to carriers from 30 up to 50 TN), and excels at features such double pressure-accumulator, energy recovery system, automatic greasing system, double tool retainer or mud retainer. Our whole range of Hydraulic Hammers is fully manufactured in Spain and has eliminated tie rods system, including bigger sized hammers.

Tabe is now very keen on Middle East markets, and specially in the UAE, showing our range of products in the main exhibition in the area for this line in 2018. Come and visit us, between 26th and 28th March at the World Trade Center Dubai, in the stand no. Z5C59 and discover by yourself our wide range of products. We will be waiting for your visit!

New generation of Hydraulic breakers. Innovation as hallmark

TABE remains the best option of the market for all you could required.

Thanks to our hydraulic hammers and the trust of our customers, TABE has become a leader company in foreign markets. The proof of this are 50 hydraulic breakers ready to be delivered for the most demanding tasks.

All this has been possible thanks to the hard work of the technical office which has achieved a unique range of hydraulic breakers with a innovative spirit, high energy and frequency impact, resistance and the best of the performances.

TABE is the only manufacturer of hydraulic breakers providing a complete range going from… to … without through bolts.

New 8 ton hydraulic breaker. MT 80

TABE releases to the market its  new hydraulic breaker, the MT 80. This giant stands as one of the biggest hydraulic breaker, being the only hydraulic breaker of 8 ton manufactured without through bolts. This brand new giant has been made following TABE’s standards, such as: strength, capacity, resistance, reliability and safety.

This hydraulic breaker has been manufactured over a unique design, offering the best toughness, efficiency and functionality. Only this way you will be able to dominate the ground.

Regarding its technical features, the new MT 80 owns a auto lube system achieving a perfect lubrication of the critical wearing breaker’s parts. It owns, besides, a frequency variation system allowing the customer to choose the best frequency for each kind of ground, getting always the greatest performance. Its last feature, making this giant unique, it’s the underwater system allowing the MT 80 to work safely and easily in all kind of underwater applications.

Nueva gama ligera más robusta

TABE ha estado siempre a la cabeza en la innovación en los martillos hidráulicos gracias a
poseer una gama completa con total ausencia de tirantes desde hace más de 15 años. El
pasado mes de Abril TABE desarrolló y lanzó al mercado cuerpo monoblock para su gama
ligera. Este nuevo cuerpo le otorga mucha más robustez y una mayor insonorización. Una de
las aplicaciones más comunes de este modelo es la obra pública donde la fiabilidad y la alta
productividad son dos de sus pilares más fundamentales. Con este nuevo cambio la gama
ligera de TABE se convierte en la mejor opción para las aplicaciones en obra pública.