New 8 ton hydraulic breaker. MT 80

TABE releases to the market its  new hydraulic breaker, the MT 80. This giant stands as one of the biggest hydraulic breaker, being the only hydraulic breaker of 8 ton manufactured without through bolts. This brand new giant has been made following TABE’s standards, such as: strength, capacity, resistance, reliability and safety.

This hydraulic breaker has been manufactured over a unique design, offering the best toughness, efficiency and functionality. Only this way you will be able to dominate the ground.

Regarding its technical features, the new MT 80 owns a auto lube system achieving a perfect lubrication of the critical wearing breaker’s parts. It owns, besides, a frequency variation system allowing the customer to choose the best frequency for each kind of ground, getting always the greatest performance. Its last feature, making this giant unique, it’s the underwater system allowing the MT 80 to work safely and easily in all kind of underwater applications.